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Plumped up lips

Dermal fillers and aesthetic treatments in Norwich

Dermal fillers are used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, contour and create volume in the face and can correct asymmetry.  They are based on a natural substance that exists in our bodies called Hyaluronic acid.  The filler is a soft gel consisting of stabilised, non animal hyaluronic acid and the effects can last between 6 & 18 months.


0.5ml £125
1ml £155

Dermal filler can be used to define the outer borders of the lips and also within the body of the lips to create natural volume and shape. 


£140 1ml

£180 2ml

These are the lines on either side of the mouth that extend from the edge of the nose to the mouth’s outer corners. They become more prominent when people smile. These folds also tend to deepen with age. Some people develop wrinkles next to the nasolabial folds, which may be more visible during smiling. These sometimes called smile lines or laughter lines.



Dermal fillers can be used to redefine and shape the nose, to hide bumps and lift the tip. Effects can last up to 12 months.



A treatment is applied to the lip borders and micro droplets applied to the vertical lines that run from the nose to the lips.



Wrinkles which extend from each corner of your mouth down to your chin. Marionette lines can cause your mouth to look downturned, giving you an unhappy appearance.


2ml syringe £180

Cheek fillers can bring the face into balance by making the cheekbones more prominent.
This can give you instant, razor-sharp definition and a natural-looking, youthful appearance. The treatment also smooths the nose-to-mouth lines & jowls effectively lifting the entire face.


Teosyal Redensity 2 



Hollow tear troughs can be filled with a specific HA product that is delicate enough for the eye area to plump and fill the troughs. A cannula is used in a fairly pain free procedure to apply the product.


2ml £175
3ml £250

This treatment can help both men and women create a contoured jawline that frames the face to either a more masculine or feminine look. Improve loose skin, sagging jowls and give a lifting effect. Chin filler can also fill loss of tissue or re contour for a more oval looking face. 2ml of filler is normally used for the jawline but more can be added depending on the desired result. Chin augmentation is 1ml.



Very professional, made me feel at ease and super happy with my results  xx

Tracey eyes.jpg


Mt 1st time of having fillers and I was very nervous of looking ridiculous. Jolie did an amazing job of exactly what I wanted and so natural. 



Having had Botox and fillers with a consultant doctor in the past im more happy with the way Jolie does my toxin and fillers.

Renew Aesthetics & Beauty based in Norwich offer dermal fillers and a range of aesthetic treatments. To book an appointment call 
07810 877410
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